Christmas Decorating Ideas Part 1


One of my favorite parts of the holidays is decorating for Christmas.  Although it can be difficult trying to find the time , and red-christmas-decorations-christmas-via-fanpop-com0deciding how to do things a little different each year…it’s still fun.

When I browse through the pics I try to pay attention to the details and add at least a few new items to my collection each year.  Most of the time, their small  things, like a few specialty ribbons.  But if I find a real bargain, I’ll certainly take advantage of it, even though I may not use it this year.  After all a bargain is a bargain.


flame-50-pc-newOne thing I’ve learned over the years…if I find something I really like, I buy it. I can’t tell you how many times, I’ve talked myself out of buying that bargain, only to go back later and find it’s gone…and of course that was the only one left.  So my new motto is “buy now, return later”, but the return doesn’t seem to happen very often, so maybe my instincts were right after all.

Well, we hope you find a little something, to help with your holiday décor… enjoy.


White swag
White Swag via DigsDigs

















charm old world
Old World Charm via WooHome














christmas striped
Christmas stripes via The Interior Directory















christmas welcome
Xmas Welcome via DigsDigs

















a white christmas
White Christmas via WooHome













Southern Grace via DigsDigs














Turquoise Glow via DIY Crafts















snow drift
Snowdrift via Stopdcf

















Crafty Christmas via WooHome














lil red stocking
L’l Red Stockings via DigsDigs














We hope you were inspired…happy decorating!





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