Paper Bag Star


Paper Bag Star, how cute are these stars ??  The kids will love decorating these and placing them on the tree or the walls, the front door, or on gifts instead of bows.  Not just a holiday decoration, an all occasion fun craft done with 3 items !!

via Craft Bits
via Craft Bits


Materials needed

colored craft paper bags *

craft glue



* You will need at least 7 bags to complete one star.



Take any one paper bag and fold its flat bottom to any one side

Paper bag stars

  • Apply glue in an upside down ‘T’ pattern on the bag. ‘T’s upper straight part should be on the folded flat bottom.
  • Take another paper bag and place it on the glued bag similarly.
  • Keep gluing paper bags one on the top of the other, until all 7 of them are glued together.
  • Cut the open ends of the glued bags into a pointy pattern.



Paper Star


Now start to open the fold from the outer edge and glue both open ends together to form the star.

Attach a string with the star and hang it for decoration.



For more craft ideas, check out Craft Bits.



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