Paper Christmas Tree Craft

Paper Christmas Tree Craft

This would be a great project for the children or grandchildren to participate in.  How nice to have homemade holiday greeting cards this year, and perhaps include a family photo inside to make it extra special.

Paper Christmas Tree via Ziggity Zoom


The best part…it won’t break the bank and  they can be made in a simple or bodacious over the top design…imagination has no barriers !!!

Greeting cards, name tags for gift, tree ornaments, place cards….and more.

So let’s get busy…round up the gang….and let’s see what happens.  No matter what, it will create some memories, so enjoy!



  • Colored papers or cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Gluestick

What to Do:

  1. Using a piece of white paper as the background, or other color if desired, first cut a pot for the tree.  You can cut a square shape first and then trim off a slight angle from both sides.
  2. Starting at the bottom, cut a strip about about 6.5 inches long and glue in place at a slight angle.
  3. Strips can vary from 1/4″ to 1/2″ in width.
  4. Cut additional strips, each one shorter than the preceding one, until you top strip (branch) is only about 1.5 inches long.
  5. Glue as you go or set in place first, then go back and recreate your tree.
  6. Cut a star to top your tree


We found this holiday project on Ziggity Zoom and wanted to share it with you. We hope we pushed the… “I can do this” button for you.



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