Small Bathroom Storage Ideas


A small bathroom really needs some good storage ideas.  So I get it, there’s no place to store anything in the bathroom.  Well ladies and gentlemen step right up,  have we got a surprise for you!

You say there’s no room, but we’ll show you some clever ideas that are not expensive or difficult to recreate in your own home. Be sure to click on the image to get more information.


bathroom storage-solution
Bathroom Storage Solutions  via BHG

Look In

You know that narrow little closet door in the bathroom, that just makes it more difficult to maneuver around ?  Get RID OF IT !  Now turn that newly opened space into a more appealing part of your bathroom décor.

This one adjustment can work miracles and add so much eye appeal…think about it.

Oh, by the way, don’t throw that door out. I’m sure you’ll come up with some uses for some legs, attached them to the door.. give it all a nice fresh coat of paint…and voila’…you have your self a new side table.

P.S. You’ll need to put some molding around the door, since the frame is now exposed, and a fresh coat of paint on the interior of the closet, but that shouldn’t cost to much.



Move Those Studs

Bathroom Stud Closet via BHG


Check out the space between the bathroom wall studs, and you might possibly fit in some super storage space.  You’ll be surprised at how much space you can gain.

This may take a weekend and a  handy person , but the added storage will definitely be worth the effort.

It would be a real bonus if this area is against a closet on the other side, allowing you to go deeper.  But either way it would be a welcomed addition.




Under Cabinet Storage via BHG

Look Down

Use clear bins to store items that you don’t want viewed in the open, like hair products, bars of soap, etc.  The bins allow you to see what’s in store so you don’t have to scramble to find what you need.

Fill open containers or buckets with cleaning supplies, so when your ready to do the task, everything is already in one place…how clever is this!

Don’t overlook the inside of the door, simply attached an over the door rack inside and hide the blow dryer, curling iron, and anything you can think of.



 Look Up

Wall shelves via Decorating Files

Put those walls to work, and use that  space for storage.  Make it into a wallscape…oooh I think I just made up a new word !     When you draw the eye up, it makes the room look bigger.

small bath basket storage
Small Bath Basket Storage via
bath storage shelving
Bathroom Storage Shelving via Decorating Files











So do some magic and keep the clutter of the floor and let your wallscape be the focus.


Good luck with your projects, until then…..





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