Thanksgiving Menu Sampler Two


The Thanksgiving Menu is integral part of this celebration and emphasizes the need to give thanks for all that we have been blessed with.




It’s also a chance to get together with family and friends  and get caught up with the events in their lives, and just spend a wonderful day with good conversation and usually lots of belly laughs.


It’s one of those holidays that has far less stress, anxiety and drama. And since our purpose is to give thanks and enjoy the food and company….what could possibly go wrong?

Don’t ask…without a doubt I always end up with at least one failure…burnt rolls, mushy stuffing, overcooked veggies … you name it, I’ve done it.

But, in the end it really doesn’t matter, we still made it through the day. And it’s just another calamity that’s been added to the list of “Mammy’s Bloops and Blunders”.  Just a little FYI…my first born grandson couldn’t pronounce his g’s so he came up with “Mammy” and it stuck. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. As every grandparent can attest, everything our grandchildren say and do is just pure genius, like no other child on the planet…am I right?


So here’s a menu that is simple, yet still special in it’s own way. Several of these dishes can be made a day or two before, which makes it easier on you and actually taste better when they have a chance to sit. That list  includes the pimento cheese dip, broccoli soup, stuffing, cranberry sauce and the pumpkin cake roll.

Now get your favorite beverage, curl up and cruise through and see if anything strikes your fancy. I’ll check in with you later.

Oh by the way , I’ve attached links , so just click on the item and it will take you to the full recipe.


Alcohol                                                 Beverages                                             Non- Alcohol

caramel app;e-sangria
Caramel Apple Sangria via The Wholesome Dish


icy holiday punch
Icy Holiday Punch Photo & Recipe via A Taste of Home







Nice way to kick off the get together.  But it’s hard not to fill up with these goodies                                                                                     

pretzel bites
Soft Pretzel Bites by Sallys Baking Addiction
pimento cheese dip
Homemade Pimento Cheese Dip  Photo & Recipe via Big Bears Wife











Served in small portions is such a nice starter to the meal

broccoli cheese soup
My Favorite Broccoli Cheese Soup Photo & Recipe via Cooking Classy











The Fabulous Main Course


stuffed thanksgiving turkey
Thanksgiving Stuffed Turkey                    Photo & Recipe via A Taste Of Home













Side Dishes

homemade-maple cranberry sauce
Homemade Maple Cranberry Sauce Photo & Recipe via Buns In My Oven


apple cranberry bacon candied walnut salad
Apple Cranberry Bacon Candied Walnut Salad with Apple Poppy Seed Vinaigrette Photo & Recipe via Carlsbad Cravings                                                                              















pan drip gravy
Pan Dripping Gravy Photo & Recipe via
amazing dinner-rolls
Amazing Dinner Rolls Photo & Recipe via Cooking Classy
green beans garlic lemon
Garlic Lemon Green Beans Photo & Recipe via She Wears Many Hats










And those Fabulous Desserts

Apple Pie Recipe Photo & Recipe via She Wears Many Hats


shortbread lime pecan bars
Lime Pecan Shortbread Bars                                         Photo & Recipe via BHG










pumpkin cake-roll
   Pumpkin Cake Roll Photo & Recipe via BHG
 Let's Eat
Let’s Eat







Did you see anything you liked ?

Until then…to you and yourscheer-10-27-16-bests








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