Toothpick Snowballs !


Toothpick Snowballs, what a clever idea, not just for the holidays, but all year long.  They would definitely make a great accessory for any room. So when I came across this project I had to share it with you.


toothpick snowballs
Christmas Snowballs


It looked easy enough so I gave it a try…and even I could do it. To save your fingertips, I used a small needle nose pliers to pick up and push in the toothpicks… that made it so much easier to do it that way.

I made 2 of them, painted one silver and the other gold.
I placed them in half round Styrofoam for the base…and voila !

Use your imagination, color to match your decor, or go outside the box,  there’s no limits on the possibilities.





  • Tooth picks (thick ones, either round or square, but NOT FLAT) a gazillion, not kidding, this project uses a lot of them….maybe just a half a gazillion…so you can see how many it actually takes to make just one.
  • Styrofoam balls in varying sizes:  2.5″, 3″ and 4″
  • Thin dowels to insert into the ball, so you have something to hold while spray painting them.  Or to make the snowballs for a stand or place in a vase.
  • White flat spray paint.
  • Spray Snow Flocking of your choice– or —  gold, silver or copper spray metallic paint.
    • Insert the dowel into the Styrofoam ball.
    • Insert the toothpicks into the ball, far enough in to stay well. You want to cover the entire ball.
    • With the white flat paint, spray to completely cover the whole ball.  Allow to dry completely.
    • Apply a second coat using  your finish color (your choice ex: metallic paint).



Once the final coat of paint is on, if your going to use the glitter,
apply it while this final coat is still wet.


Supplies, if you want to hang them:

  • White fabric covered floral wire.
  • Ribbon (of your choice) or mono-filament.

Bend the floral wire into a big U shape (this acts like a hook).

Then attach the ribbon or wire to the middle of the floral wire and stick both ends into to the Styrofoam ball…you’re now ready to hang them.


Be sure to go to Somewhat Quirky Design to see more info on this creative project, and more ideas.








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