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Creating a stunning holiday Christmas tablescape  can be  overwhelming  for some,  while others seem to have that natural gift for turning their holiday tables into a work of art.

And for those of us stuck somewhere in the middle, sometimes all we need is some visual stimulation to get those creative juices flowing.




Then there are those that may say… “What’s the big deal about the holiday table?”
“I really don’t need another project on my holiday “to do” list ?”

Well, it doesn’t have to be a big deal, it can be as simple as adding a few embellishments.  Maybe have the family take a stroll through the woods and gather fresh snippets of greens and pine cones for the table, and at the end of the trek, gather for hot chocolate to warm those chilly hands.

But the whole point is to have this special day stand out from all the others, and create a mood that reflects the event. Adding a few special touches sets that mood as we celebrate and gather with family and friends…by showing how this really is a special day.

Understandably, the last thing any of us need during the holiday season is to add to that “to do”  list. But, with that said,  it can be accomplished  by items you may already have in your home, that you can use to add that beauty and style to your table.  Simply updating, adding or embellishing napkins and napkin rings, place cards, garland and candles, will immediately create a lovely holiday tablescape at minimal time and expense.



So we’ve gathered some info and ideas to share with you, hoping to make the holiday a little  less stressful, more festive  and more fun….happy cruising !




Discount, dollar and thrift stores even garage sales are great places to find items that can be turned from trash to treasure.  A can of spray paint, glue, beads, berries, ribbon and the list goes on, are just a few of the items, that combined with your imagination, can really work  wonders in the transformation of your bargain.

As you’ll see in the ideas below…a sprig of rosemary tied with ribbon or twine, placed on a napkin looks stunning.  Simple and frugal, yet elegant at the same time.

The amount you spend doesn’t necessarily guarantee success….imagination and resourcefulness are often appreciated more when creating a tablescape.



Place Card Holders
Fabulous items to use for place card holders are a , Christmas bell,  star, craft store pears or pine cones.   Pine cones and pears are the  easiest items to use as place card holder.   Just spray paint them silver or gold , then sprinkle with glitter while they’re still damp. Then write your guests name on the ribbon ad glue to the pine cone or pear.  To add a little more pop you could  glue on a few silver beads  or berries.

Candy Cane Place Card Holder:

Using 3 small (mini) candy canes, glue 2 of them together along the side, so the hooks are positioned to hold the place card.
Add the third one behind those two and glue, so it now looks like an easel and  can stand on it’s own… add a ribbon.  Make a place card for each guest with their name and you’re done.



Spray Paint

Spray paint can perform magic, it can transform a basic candle holder or vase into something worthy of the holiday table.  Pair silver and gold candlesticks with found rustic objects, to provide elegance and texture to your theme.


Just about any of the floral pieces and ornaments found at the dollar or thrift stores, can be spray painted and sprinkled with glitter to really make the table sparkle.






This is a wonderful way to show off your creation. Mirrors or mirror tiles placed down the center length of the table (like a runner )  will not only reflect the light, but will add extra depth and glimmer to whatever is placed on them.



When your silver and crystal are placed on the mirrors, they’ll  add even more glimmer and glam.

Even glittery table runner under your tablescape  can also add some extra sparkle as well.






Whether a  mixture of varying candle heights or a grouping of tall pillars, candles add elegance and warmth to any setting.


Divide the candle in half with painters tape, apply glue around the bottom half, sprinkle with silver or gold glitter while the glue is still wet, remove the tape and allow to dry. You’ve just created a beautiful sparkling candle.






Work with layers, a tablecloth is your base then add a layer of garland and top that off with a collection of ornaments in a silver tray,  surrounded by candles on both sides…voile’ an irresistible holiday centerpiece.



And here, we have gathered some Christmas and Hanukkah tablescapes and table setting ideas
from rustic to upscale contemporary  to inspire your own creations.  Be sure to take some time to look at the details and see what triggers your imagination.


Remember, long after the meal, you and your guests will have lasting memories of this special day. And just maybe,  the ambiance created by making a beautiful presentation, added to the enjoyment of the celebration…. Kudos to you, for a job well done.


Until then, to you and yours………





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