20 Ways To Score A Touchdown for our Super Bowl Fans


Houston . . . . we have solved the problem  !!

Here’s 20  Ways To Score A Touchdown For Our Super Bowl Fans.  Because your stamina needs to be really really high for this 51st SUPER BOWL SUNDAY,  Bobbi & I have put together an amazing menu for you all to see and decide on what you’d like to serve.  All of these appetizers  are pretty simple and most taste better if made a day ahead of  the GAME.   Do not indulge in The Fireball Apple Sangria till at least halftime because you may very well miss the 3rd and 4 quarter !!   Also a dessert and coffee is a must, after all, what’s football without food, right ?  Lessons From Locksley wishes all our football followers good luck !!


Super Bowl 2017

New England Patriots # 1 Offensive

– vs –

The Atlanta Falcons # 1 Defense





Enjoy the Game !!



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