Making the Most of Nooks and Crannies


Making the most of Nooks and Crannies can add so much to your home. They can be used to create some very imaginative and useful purposes, such as adding storage or creating more seating. If you have walls, then you can create a nook to fill what can often be some very overlooked real estate.

Most of us are familiar with the banquette style seating often created under windows, which can make a welcoming casual seating arrangement, but they also can make a small room appear larger and provide additional storage. The fact that the seating is now aligned against the wall, leaving more open floor space available, the eye can be easily fooled into thinking the room is larger.

Another good resource for Making the most of Nooks and Crannies is stairways. If you have a stairway only going to the second level (no basement), you have a nice chunk of space to work with. This area could be a half bath, closet, pantry, hutch, reading nook or home office…this is your little oyster to experiment with…put your creative glasses on and fill that gap.

If you’re a little more restricted in the stairway space with stairs leading up as well as down, you still have some options available. You can carve out a section for bookcases and shelving and even a little work area…just do your homework and all of a sudden you’ll have and ah hamoment and you’ll be off and running with your idea.

We thought we would give you a little jump start, on Making the most of Nooks and Crannies, so we put together some samples to get those creative juices flowing… look at the details …often times there will be that one little detail that will get those creative sparks flying, so get a glass of your favorite beverage, curl up in your comfy chair, sit back and enjoy !

We’ll catch up with you later.


Take a look around your home and see if you can find a little corner in your world, to create a nook or cranny, some small changes can make such a big difference.


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