House your Curb Appeal ?


Do you wonder House your Curb Appeal? Not looking very welcoming ? Maybe it’s time to take a drive and see what’s popping in other neighborhoods. During your cruise you’ll most likely come across a home that really grabs your attention… and whether it’s a mansion or just the little house on the corner that catches your eye, it’s usually because they have those details that really make the difference. Maybe the color of the front door or the combination of colors used on the exterior. Perhaps the way the walkway gently meanders up to the front door and how it’s accented with beautiful landscaping. Or how about those shutters, porch décor, planters and oh so many other pops you may come across. There’s some beautiful and creative ideas out there, so take advantage of them and add your own twist.

So now you come home, take a look around at your curb appeal and start thinking how can I use some of those ideas in my slice of paradise. Maybe it’s time to do that big renovation, or perhaps you’ve done it….but it still needs a pop of something. Whether you are contemplating a major overhaul or simply that pop , hopefully these homescapes will bring that needed inspiration you’ve been looking for in case you haven’t found it yet.**


Have fun finding your pop, until then…..”It’s not how much you spend, it’s how you spend”.


** If not, time to hop in the car and take another drive ….cheers!



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