My Garden Bloomers and Blunders


Sharing my garden bloomers and blunders, it’s like therapy.  You get to show your bloomers that have put on such a great show in the garden, and then talk about the blunders that try your patience yet make you even more determined to make it even better.

Overall my garden has been a lot of work, but also just as much fun.  I added some more perennials this year and now I think I’m almost near the end (sure, my husband and neighbors don’t believe that for a second).

Each year I lose a plant or two, mostly badly damaged, from the winter.  So this year I’ve decided to start an infirmary, for these blunders that have been battered and beaten.  I’ve enriched the soil in that area, to give them a good foundation and I’ll also give them a tad more care than normal, I’ve got nothing to lose, they are already very pathetic, so it’s worth a try.

I have 3 Knock Out Roses in front of the stone wall, but 2 of them have that dreaded black spot nonsense going on.  I’ve sprayed (organically), replanted with fresh composted soil and feed, but I think I will lose them, this is the second year these two have given me trouble and performed poorly. So now, I’ve cut back those little monsters really hard and we’ll see what happens the next few weeks.

It’s amazing all 3 were planted at the same time, same soil, same light and water conditions, yet 2 of them decided not to play nice. So if I have to , they’ll be off to the infirmary this fall, and I’ll replace them with 2 new Knock Outs in the Spring.  If the ones in the infirmary do well next year, I will share them with a friend, since I’ve run out of sunny areas to plant them, and just maybe they might not like their new home and wish they were back here where they were pampered and treated like royalty……. sorrrrry your rooms have been rented !!!!

OOPs, I did get carried away, but the memories are still so fresh !

OK no more whining, however wining is acceptable, which reminds me ,I do believe it’s time, so please join in.  A nice dry, white for me  …. that’s better… so anyways, you win a few and lose a few, that’s just gardening.

But for the most part I am pleased with this years garden, I think I need to add just a little more bold color, but that’s a project for next year. This year the weather has been great for gardening, which has certainly contributed to making so many gardens really outstanding and lush, and gardeners bursting with pride.  It makes a such a difference when Mother Nature is on our side.

Here’s hoping you enjoy the pics, and if you have any gardening tips to share, please drop us a line.


Happy Cruising!




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