Who Remembers These Things !!!


remember when 2Who remembers these things? Check these out and see how many you remember.

  • Spoolies …Whimsies … Big hair
  • A church key … The Ballaroo
  • Car hops …Drive Ins
  • Playing kickball ….Ring a levee O
  • Bradlees store … Caldors
  • Ironing your hair … Penny candy stores
  • Filling pillow cases with candy while Trick or Treating
  • Tv’s being rolled into a classroom on a 6 foot table
  • Dickies … Bell bottom pants… CPO jackets
  • Amusements at Revere Beach
  • Bus transfer tickets …American bandstand
  • The 9:00 o’clock whistle
  • The milkman …The ice cream truck
  • Plywood ranch … Woolworth’s
  • Playing marbles … Playing jacks
  • Veronica & Archie … Poodle Skirts
  • Rotary Phones … 45’s
  • Aluminum rabbit ears … Hula Hoops
  • Paper doll cut outs … The Mouseketeers
  • When cars came with 2 keys, one to open the door and one to start the car
  • Boarding a plane by walking up a flight of stairs
  • Saddle shoes … Penny Loafers

So if you don’t recognize some of these items… just Google them… you’ll most likely get a good chuckle at how naïve and simple life was back then.

But, if you remember some of these things, you’re probably around mine and Bobbi’s age (the new 30, huh) .

And if you remember all of them, well let’s face ityou are older than dirt ! !


flame-50-pc-newFor those who don’t know what most of these things are … well you’ve missed an incredible journey, we can only hope you get a chance to experience some remarkable changes like we have.

So here’s to your future … just hang on and prepare to be amazed, you can’t even imagine what’s ahead.



Author: Pez


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