Paint Chip Tree Christmas Cards

Paper Chip Tree Christmas Cards

An easy budget friendly project we wanted to share it with you. For most of us, we just need to check the junk draw for those infamous paint chip samples we collect every time we get the urge to paint a room. However if you want to stay with the traditional holiday green and red theme, just take a quick trip to the local hardware/paint store for some free samples.

Additional supplies besides the paint chip samples:

  • Card stock
  • Glue
  • Scissors
Via Quinnstitch


Cut & fold card stock to the desired size you want.

Try to keep the same distance from the bottom (2 inches), so the different colors will line up.

Large tree:

Cut the paint chip in a tree shape (elongated triangle).

Smaller tree:

Take another of the same color chip, but turn it in the opposite direction (ex: large tree has the light green on the top, small tree will have the light green on the bottom).

Cut in the tree shape, only not as long, see the picture here to guide you.

At this point you can use these two tree cut outs as templates for more trees.

When ready to finish , glue the backs of the trees and press onto the card stock.

Add your own greeting script and your done !


You can find more info on this and other projects here.




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