The Casual Christmas Table – Down Home Comfy


The casual Christmas table, down home comfy, is that your style ? If so, we have gathered some beautiful settings for you to explore and perhaps pick out some ideas to incorporate into your tablescape.

Dressing your table for the holidays is the difference between having someone greet you with a deer in the headlights look versus a warm smiling welcome.

Neither one of these is a life threatening event, but it can set the mood and make that event just a little more special. So let’s put a smile on that table.


When dressing your table or sideboard or wherever you want to make a holiday display, keep in mind that it’s not how much you spend it’s how creative and resourceful you are when designing your tablescape… that’s what makes the difference.


What exactly is a tablescape? Well they’re not just a centerpiece, they’re a blending of various elements of colors and textures that create a harmonious design. They can be simple or over the top, frugal or extravagant and when done properly can make such a huge difference in your home.

Before dressing your holiday table take stock of what you already have and maybe you just need to repurpose, paint or embellish those items. Don’t forget to include nature by using branches, berries and dried leaves as accents. As shown below, the possibilities are endless.



country crafted tablescape
via Confessions of a Plate Addict


Epsom salts, my new best friend, it’s amazing how versatile this stuff is. Whether used
as shown here with candles or cranberries, it can be a frugal and attractive addition to your
table. So let your imagination run wild.

woodland candle tablescape
via Sortra
















lighted cranberry mason jar tablescape
via Yellow Bliss Road
















Again, nature takes over and provides a lovely centerpiece with the candles and

boxed candles in woodland tablescape
via Sortra




















Note the candy canes added to the napkins, such a nice little touch.

candy cane-burlap-greens tablescape
via Design14Interior


















With a rustic mix of wood, pine cones, greenery and a few whimsical touches, it’s sure to evoke a warm comfortable feeling for you and your guests.


reindeer plaid gift box tablescape
via Piet I Imports


















bold red and plaid candles and candy canes
via Take Six










Top off a fruit filled glass bowl with fresh evergreen branches clipped from your yard.

fruitfilled bowl and greenery
via Christmas Decorated













Those bright colors make a beautiful accent for the burlap place mats….texture… that’s what it’s all about.


black burlap and plaid tablesetting
via Decoist












Bold pops of color can really add some zip to the table.

bold red and yellow table setting
via Christmas Decorated
















What a great idea using veggies!

vegetable wrapped candles
via BHG

















Check your local dollar store for these little cuties, for the silverware.

mini stocking silvware purse
via Just Imagine

















candles and wreaths tablescape
via My Design Dump


















checks and plaid table setting
via Family Holiday



















pitcher and bow plaid tablescape
via Sortra




















santa cap and candy cane tablescape
via Digs Digs



















swag and candle filled vases with xmas balls
photo: BHG



















candy stripe theme table setting
via Family Holiday













The simplicity of this dining room makes a lovely background to showcase the greenery and understated mantle decorations.

via Home Goods















flame-50-pc-newCheck the attic or basement for old candle holders , bowls, trays, etc. that haven’t been used in ages, give them a festive update with spray paint, ribbons or add a few berries or fresh herbs , and they’ll take on a whole new life.



And most of all be sure to save some time for yourself…after all you need to enjoy the holidays too.





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