Our Christmas Holiday Tour


Welcome to our Christmas holiday tour. Well we finally got our home decorated, and after looking around the living room, I felt our tree was just not where it should be. It was tucked away in the corner, like it was hiding. So I decided to move that fully decorated bad boy, nine feet and all, out of it’s shell. It really wasn’t a big deal, since it’s not like our old fashioned eight or nine foot live monstrosities that took a crew of 3 just to get it in the stand.

We have now moved into the next phase of our lives, where we live by the “Kiss” (keep it simple stupid)principle. So, no sap, no needles, no crawling under the tree to water… I like to think we are progressive, but others like to call it just getting old. Regardless, we now have this tree that is fabulous, tall, skinny, and low maintenance … boy, what I wouldn’t give to be described that way.

Red Christmas ballsHowever, with that said, I waited for my husband to come home and was anxious to see how long it would take before he noticed the tree had been moved. I gave up after almost an hour, and his six or so strolls right past the tree. Finally I just had to ask “do you notice anything different”… and with that look of panic cascading across his face, his eyes darting around the room, he finally says … “No, and I’m afraid to ask”…. are you kidding me!!!

I shouldn’t be surprised, he’s the type when he sees me in an outfit, with the price tag dangling from the sleeve and asks “is that new”, huh????? And they say women are complicated!!

Well here’s a look inside our home, I hope you enjoy the view and get some ideas for your holiday nest .

Happy Holidays to all.





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