Karen aka “Lucy”                          Bobbi aka “Ethel”

 Welcome to our blog, we’re Karen & Bobbi, just two friends who simply want to share some of life’s lessons learned, a bit of knowledge and a few ideas for what we hope will not only improve your life & lifestyle but give you a chuckle along the way, especially if you like to garden, drink, eat fattening food, drink and laugh till it hurts.    

Though we both enjoy our home & family we have very different hobbies and interest, but the one common thread we share is we love to laugh, have fun and just enjoy the simple things in life .

Karen enjoys puzzles, planning social events, reading, football, beer, telling jokes and repeating herself.  She’s always ready with a funny remark that gets the rest of us roaring with laughter, a real extrovert and life of the party.  She’s also the neighborhood welcome lady, bringing our new neighbors a fresh baked coffee cake and some good conversation to welcome  them to Locksley. However, sometimes it’s a problem, since some neighbors have received more than one coffee cake…. well she simply just forgets!

Bobbi is a little more reserved, spending hours in the garden, talking to her plants, drinking wine, long walks, decorating, playing poker, watching a good mystery and bursting into laughter without warning.  She also enjoys cooking  for the group and appetizers are her specialty, but we all go home with elephant bags of food and overstuffed belly’s…just way to much food… but oh so good.

So now, with our children all grown, it’s our turn to enjoy life’s nuances and take part in the next phase of life’s journey.  Our families often say we have more fun and have a better social life than they do.  So, as long as we can still walk, talk, breathe and see, we’ll be living up to their expectations.  After all, at this stage it’s a wonder anyone expects anything from us at all !  Although I think I heard someone say 60 is the new 30, but we’ll keep you posted about that one.

As you may see by now, we don’t take life too seriously, we plan on making the most of every day, with family, friends, laughter, food and more laughter… it just doesn’t get much better than that!

So we hope you enjoy our blog and  look forward to your comments on our posts. We love to share ideas so please feel free to let us know what’s on your mind and what topics you would like to see more of.

But for the time being, we’ll get a glass of our favorite beverage, and be heading off to the porch and hope you ‘ll join us for some daily chuckles and just plain nonsense…it’s just a wonderful way to spend the day.